1. The user will have a ten days window at his disposal to exchange or refund the order after its purchase, that will start from the delivery date according to the Spanish Retail Commerce Law. The product can be refund by any mean that proves the shipment and that place on record that the right of withdrawal have met the deadline (It can be proved with the messenger service’s seal or the date of the registered mail).

2. The customer must request the exchange or refund through his user account on, specifically on the order history. Secondly, the user has to select the order reference and choose between exchange or refund.

3. The reason of the refund must be explained and in case of exchange the reference (s) that are changing. Once completed all the steps, the article exchange shall take place.

4. The exchange or refund request will be finished after selecting the ‘Hacer VALE DE DEVOLUCIÓN RMA’ box.

5. Once we accept the exchange or refund request we will send a confirmation e-mail to you with a document explaining the procedure. You have to send it by e-mail or print it in order to include it in the exchange or refund box. Then you can choose between ordinary mail or another messenger service of your choice.

6. The product must be in the same condition as the time when it was delivered and must preserve the instructions, documents, accessories and, as far as possible, its original packaging and labelling. If there is any change that do not have anything to do with mistakes of Lecrane, the customer will be the one taking care of the cost of returning and the delivery of the order.

7. The exchange or refund shipping fee shall be born by the customer. Lecrane will take on the cost of the new delivery in case of change. Lecrane WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY PARCEL RETURNED AGAINST PAYMENT OF FREIGHT COST IN NO CASE.

8. Once received the merchandise and verified that it is in perfect conditions, Lecrane will proceed with the payment of the article, although we will not refund the shipping fee. This will only take place in case of defective or incorrect products.

9. You can always check the state of your exchange or refund on ‘My Account, state of Exhange or Refunds’. You will be notified via e-mail of every change in the process..

10. The repayment will be carried out through the mean of payment that was used for the purchase, in a maximum window of 30 days.

Defects and incidents:

In case of defects or incidents get directly in touch with Lecrane’s customer support team.